Monday, April 25, 2016

Is it sustainable????

Am I crazy or is Billy Hamilton looking better at the plate? More comfortable. More competent.

Naturally, the small sample size caveat applies. Maybe to such an extent that swallows up any notion of improvement...and yet...Hamilton looks improved thus far.

In tonight's game, he faced elite velocity, 95+ all night in the form of Thor and Jeurys. Admittedly, he only went 1-4 and the "1" was a bunt single, but the process was good. Hamilton looked comfortable tracking pitches and standing in against big time heat. He didn't look overmatched or out of place.

In his other 3 ABs, Hamilton grounded out twice and lined out to center. If you read anything, anywhere about Hamilton, then you've been bombarded by the notion that Hamilton needs to hit the ball on the ground to better utilize his speed. He seems to be doing just that. In fact, his peripherals across the board are improved so far in 2016. So, is it a small sample size mirage? Time will tell.

But, here's a quick look at Hamilton's relevant peripherals:

Career: 1.17
2016: 2.80

Career: 20.8%
2016: 24.0%

Career: 6.1%
2016: 11.6%

Outside the Zone Swing %
Career: 28.5%
2016: 23.6%

Contact Rate
Career: 83.3%
2016: 86.6%

Career: 21.8%____58.6%_____19.6%
2016: 15.6%______71.9%_____12.5%

Career: 3.75
2016: 3.93

Career: .286
2016: .179

Isolated Power
Career: .091
2016: .184

And, of course, probably the most important stat: 43.....the number of Billy Hamilton plate appearances in 2016.

So, maybe it's too early to be excited, but I'm certainly encouraged. At a bare minimum, Hamilton is looking like a hitter up there.