Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Draft: Final List of Reds Draft Picks

Here is a list of all players drafted by the Reds, courtesy of Baseball America.

Cincinnati Reds

Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Player Position School State
1 12 Yasmani Grandal C Miami Fla.
2 62 Ryan LaMarre OF Michigan Mich.
3 94 Devin Lohman SS Long Beach State Calif.
4 127 Brodie Greene 2B Texas A&M Texas
5 157 Wes Mugarian RHP Pensacola (Fla.) Catholic HS Fla.
6 187 Drew Cisco RHP Wando HS, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. S.C.
7 217 Tony Amezcua RHP Bellflower (Calif.) HS Calif.
8 247 David Vidal 3B Miami Dade JC Fla.
9 277 Tanner Robles LHP Oregon State Ore.
10 307 Kevin Arico RHP Virginia Va.
11 337 Andrew Hayes RHP Vanderbilt Tenn.
12 367 Kyle Waldrop OF Riverdale HS, Fort Myers, Fla. Fla.
13 397 Lucas O'Rear RHP Northern Iowa Iowa
14 427 Daniel Wolford RHP California Calif.
15 457 Stephen Hunt LHP South Florida Fla.
16 487 Rob Kral C College of Charleston S.C.
17 517 Brent Peterson SS Liberty HS, Bakersfield, Calif. Calif.
18 547 Robert Maddox OF Ohio Ohio
19 577 Josh Alexander OF Mountain Pointe HS, Phoenix Ariz.
20 607 Chris Berset C Michigan Mich.
21 637 Josh Smith RHP Lipscomb Fla.
22 667 Kurtis Muller OF Iowa Iowa
23 697 Randy Fontanez RHP South Florida Fla.
24 727 Patrick Doyle RHP Missouri State Mo.
25 757 Dan Renken RHP Cal State Fullerton Calif.
26 787 Ty Stuckey LHP Houston Texas
27 817 Joel Bender LHP Oak Hills HS, Cincinnati Ohio
28 847 Chad Rogers RHP Galveston (Texas) CC Texas
29 877 Adam Muenster 3B Kansas State Kan.
30 907 Brad Hendrix RHP Auburn Ala.
31 937 Dominic D'Anna 1B Cal State Northridge Calif.
32 967 Jaren Matthews 1B Rutgers N.J.
33 997 David Garner RHP Niles (Mich.) HS Mich.
34 1027 Brandon Dailey SS Johnson SS, Brantford, Ont.
35 1057 Tyler Wilson RHP Virginia Va.
36 1087 Chuck Ghysets RHP Lincoln Trail (Ill.) JC Ill.
37 1117 Nick Sawyer RHP Hebron HS, Carrollton, Texas Texas
38 1147 Matt Leonard LHP Cal Poly Calif.
39 1177 Jacob May SS Lakota West HS, West Chester, Ohio Ohio
40 1207 Lee Orr OF McNeese State La.
41 1237 Jonathan Kaskow 1B Stanford Calif.
42 1267 Mitchell Hopkins LHP Louisiana State-Eunice JC La.
43 1297 Matt Campbell RHP Florida Fla.
44 1327 Eddie Campbell LHP Bridgewater Raynham HS, Bridgewater, Mass. Mass.
45 1357 William Harford C Notre Dame Ind.
46 1387 Patrick Quinn RHP St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC Fla.
47 1417 William Shepherd 1B Texas Texas
48 1447 David Eldredge C Punahou HS, Honolulu Hawaii
49 1477 El'Hajj Muhammad RHP CC of Morris (N.J.) N.J.
50 1507 Dexter Kjerstad OF Randall HS, Amarillo, Texas Texas


  1. hey lark been a while. great posts while i was gone. love the draft, kinda iffy on grandal but the rest is looking pretty goog. whats your take on everyone we got?

  2. Lark, I can't seem to find a consistent opinion on Grandal's arm:
    And then there is your site. So what is it?
    How good is Grandal's arm?

  3. I just wanted to say that I enjoy everything you do here. the scouting reports and things are very informative. so Thanks for taking the time to write them.

    Also Our Second Pick Ryan LaMarre has signed.

  4. Smitty,

    Yeah, has been quite a while. Good to hear from you. I'll be working on my overall impressions, including some of the middle/later round guys this weekend, but right off the bat I'm not wild about Grandal and love LaMarre.

    LaMarre is one of the guys I really wanted the Reds to draft and, surprisingly, they actually grabbed him. Rumor had it that he had enough helium in the draft to carry him into the late first round. I wasn't sure, but didn't think he'd make it through the Supplemental Round.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment!


  5. Vottofan,

    Yeah, there's no real consensus on Grandal's defensive skills, which, in-and-of-itself, should tell us something.

    For me, I think he's got a "solid/average to a tick above average" arm in terms of both strength and accuracy. However, I'm a big believer in the importance of footwork in playing the catching position. So, to get the most out of his arm, Grandal will also need good lateral movement and footwork. He needs to be able to get into proper throwing position by using his feet.

    I'm not expecting him to be a throwing liability, but I'm also not expecting him to be an Ivan Rodriguez type.

    If you want to take a look for yourself, Grandal's Hurricanes take on the Florida Gators on ESPN2 at 7 pm EST today (Saturday 6/12). I know I'll be watching and may have more thoughts after seeing him again.

    Thanks for the comment!


  6. jmt,

    Thanks for the kind words. Nice to get some feedback, as sometimes you fire these write-ups into cyberspace and never quite know how they are received.

    As for LaMarre, that's good news. I heard they were close and he was going to sign in a hurry. It certainly helps that the Reds had an immediate opening in the Dayton outfield because of the injury to Andrew Means.

    LaMarre slides right into center and should get a lot of good playing time in his draft season, which will only help his development.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment!


  7. just an update. we have now signed 14 of our picks.

    here's the list of signed players

    2. Ryan LaMarre, CF, Michigan

    3. Devin Lohman, SS, Long Beach State

    4. Brodie Greene, SS, Texas A&M

    7. Jose Amezcua, RHP, Bellflower (Calif.) High

    8. David Vidal, 2B, Miami-Dade Community College

    9. Tanner Robles, LHP, Oregon State

    15. Steven Hunt, RF, U. of South Floirda

    18. Robert Maddox, LF, Ohio U.

    22. Kurtis Muller, CF, U. of Iowa

    24. Patrick Doyle, RHP, Missouri State

    29. Adam Muenster, 3B, Kansas State

    31. Dominic D’Anna, 1B, Cal State Northridge

    38. Matthew Leonard, LHP, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo

    49. El’Hajj Muhammad, RHP, Community College of Morris County

  8. JMT,

    Thanks for the update. The only two guys in the draft class I was worried about signing were Grandal and LaMarre. Obviously, LaMarre was ready to hit the ground running, which is another reason to like him.

    Grandal will be a tougher sign, but outside of that there shouldn't be any problems. Unfortunately, the Reds didn't grab anyone in the later rounds who slid primarily due to worries about signing.

    Ultimately, Grandal will sign. There's no reason for him to return to college, as he won't improve his draft slot in a stacked 2011 draft. Going back will cost him money and a year off his professional career. It may take a while, but Grandal will ultimately sign on the dotted line.

    Thanks for the list!!


  9. Hey, I was just curious as to why the Reds didn't look at Kent State for outfielders.
    Not one position player from Kent was taken this year and we are all suprised.
    Gallas, Humphreys and Klafcznyski were all available- with some very good numbers both offensive and defensively.

  10. Anon,

    Good question. Gallas, Humphreys, and Klafcznyski had pretty good numbers. Evidently, they didn't do enough to impress the scouts. Fortunately for Klafcznyski, he's a a junior and has another year to build his value.

    As for the others, maybe they can catch on as undrafted free agents.

    Thanks for the comment!