Monday, August 16, 2010

Draft Pick Signings

In one of the least surprising developments of the season, Yasmani Grandal signed with the Reds. Every year, you hear these stories about the encroaching deadline and the likelihood that so-and-so isn't going to sign. In actuality, almost everyone signs.

In this instance, Grandal had little leverage in any realistic sense. The Reds selected him as a junior out of the University of Miami, so he had the option of returning to the Hurricanes for his senior season. However, that really wasn't realistic, as Grandal was coming off a career collegiate season and the 2011 draft class is reputed to be much stronger and much deeper. The 2010 class was one of the stranger ones in recent memory, as there was a consensus top 3 or so picks (which is reflected in the bonuses of the top 3), and then there was a wide variation as to how the rest of the players were rated. So, the chances of Grandal repeating his success and being selected higher in 2011 than he was in 2010 simply weren't good. If Grandal had elected to return to Miami, then he would very likely have been selected later than 12th overall. As a result, he would have earned a lower signing bonus and lost out on the time value of money by electing to go back into the draft. Realistically speaking, it simply wasn't going to happen.

1. Bryce Harper -- $9.9M
2. Jameson Taillon -- $6.5M
3. Manny Machado -- $5.25M
4. Christian Colon -- $2.75M
5. Drew Pomeranz -- $2.65M
6. Barrett Loux --
7. Matt Harvey -- $2.5M
8. Delino Deshields --
9. Karsten Whitson -- Did Not Sign, Attending University of Florida
10. Michael Choice -- $2.0M
11. Deck McGuire -- $2.0M
12. Yasmani Grandal -- $2.99M
13. Chris Sale -- $1.655M
14. Dylan Covey -- Did Not Sign Because Diagnosed with Diabetes
15. Jake Skole -- $1.557M
16. Hayden Simpson --
17. Josh Sale -- $1.62M
18. Kaleb Cowart -- $2.3M
19. Mike Foltynewicz -- $1.3M
20. Kolbrin Vitek -- $1.359M
21. Alex Wimmers --
22. Kellin Deglan --
23. Christian Yelich -- $1.7M
24. Gary Brown -- $1.45M
25. Zach Cox -- $3.2M
26. Kyle Parker -- $1.4M
27. Jesse Biddle --
28. Zach Lee -- $5.25M
29. Cam Bedrosian -- $1.116M
30. Chevy Clarke --

Interesting to see the Dodgers sign Zach Lee for a robust $5.25M. During the draft, it was rumored that the Dodgers were selecting Lee only to punt their pick. Obviously, that's not the case, as they signed him away from a football commitment with a massive financial investment. But, it takes a lot to sign a prospect away from the starting quarterback gig at LSU.

And, in a prime example of how the draft is flawed, the BoSox signed rhp Anthony Ranaudo, their compensatory first round pick, for $2.55M. The draft is intended to redistribute the talent, but the BoSox are wielding their financial clout to their advantage, gathering more than their fair share of the available talent.

And, in other Reds news, the organization came to terms with 6th rounder Drew Cisco, a polished righthander with a 88-91 mph fastball, curveball, and change-up, on a contract with a $975,000 signing bonus.

Cisco is an intriguing arm and the Reds paid well over slot money to bring him into the fold. So, the Reds have signed all the big names and have done a nice job replenishing the farm system with a nice mix of prospects.


  1. i like cisco a lot, very happy about his signing.

    I think we needed grandal but i think we overpaid for him. Could have gotten him cheaper if they really tried

  2. Don't care much about the dollars for Grandal just not pleased he got a major league deal. I think he'll probably be ok though I wouldn't have wasted the spot on the 40 for the next 4 years for a catcher. He's gonna start in Billings (after a brief stop in goodyear) and probably go to Dayton in '11. The guy has some things to work on there is no doubt about that.

    Given the fact that we could have had an extra pick in the 1st round in a much deeper draft next year I would have held out. But I'm guessing the Reds gave up that Major League deal in exchange for a cheaper deal.

  3. Do you think we should sign Brad Hawpe? he was just released by the Rockies, and that .866 career OPS would be valuable to the team.

  4. You dead lark?... Ya you dead.

  5. Meaning whats the deal honky? where you been at?