Friday, February 3, 2012

Front Offices: Jeff Luhnow Twitter Chat

After reading the article on how new GM Jeff Luhnow was rebuilding the Astros and having an epiphany about it, I decided to follow him on Twitter. I was surprised to find that he held a quick Twitter Chat. In and of itself, it's pretty cool to see a GM actually hold a Twitter chat, but there are also a few nuggets that I thought were interesting, so I'm re-posting the chat for those who might be interested in how front offices operate, as everything out of Luhnow's mouth is like a master class in modern GM'ing.

FIRST General Question for everyone: What are the recent advancements in analytics people should be aware of?

The biggest advancement is the ability to understand and get insights from the amazing amount of data now available.

Enormous amounts of new data available in baseball every year What are recent advancements in analytics?

All of the above... Where is player evaluation going? Field f/x and Hit f/x? Catcher defense?

  Database set up is key, data from mulitiple sources are you tracking on your own or from standardized databases?

Everyone to varying degrees are there really any teams any more that don't use analytical tools for player evaluation?

D-base is foundation Do you think having some SQL or database administration is a necessity for analysis?

Ever hear of Mike Fast?Great work, will help us@whimsicalcookie are using systems like FieldF/X and HitF/X? Did ?

Have to beat the best to be the best how are you preparing to move to the powerful AL W?

Several questions on what to study/how to get a job... no one formula... specific knowledge is hit and miss depending on club

   Agree 100% NO RT do you think sports analytics will ever replace the major role of scouts in professional sports?

Albert. : if you could have on your team any player from any era, who would that be?

Will eb and flow as we get better on both sides mostly scouts and a little analytics. Could that % flip

  Most have already. Danger is double counting are you having your scouts become more well-rounded analytically?

Score runs and prevent runs with divisions so diff, how do you balance building for 2012 in NLC vs 2013 in ALW?

BP, Hardball Times, The Book for baseball Any good books/website to recommend for learning sports analytics?

Track it over time, use history Are there ways to measure the effectiveness of a stat?

Always will be debates. Broader fan base. How have analytics changed way fans consume sports?

How mgrs use prob and game theory imp but agree Coaching analytics very difficult&should be weighted low vs other factors

Thanks to all who participated... looking forward to the conference.

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