Monday, June 12, 2017

"With the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 draft, the Cincinnati Reds (should) select...."

".....Hunter Greene, RHP/SS from Notre Dame High School."

This is an instance where "Best Player Available" and "team need" align pretty well. Let's face it, this Reds rebuild needs impact, star talent where currently there is largely complimentary talent. Hunter Greene has the biggest upside in this draft. His combination of athleticism, makeup, and dual threat ability gives him a high ceiling, an ability to live up to expectations, and a diversified risk, respectively.

If the Twins select Hunter Greene, then the Reds should select Brendan McKay. Personally, I'd roll with McKay as a hitter, but once drafted the team could better evaluate where he fits.

I like Kyle Wright and MacKenzie Gore, but they slot in behind my top two.

With the 32nd pick, I really want the Reds to grab Blayne Enlow, high school righthander. I love his mechanics and projection.

At pick number 39, I'd love to see the Reds select Brendon Little, lhp junior college pitcher, though Mark Vientos would be pretty tempting as well. Little has a limited track record, but strong mechanics and the type of power stuff you don't often see in lefthanded pitching.

Finally, in a later round, I'd roll the dice on Austin Bush. He's a very large human being with very large power. He has flaws and may never make enough consistent contact to make the power playable against advanced competition, but that type of power can carry a hitter a long way. Bush has some idea of the strike zone and if he can overcome the challenges of being a taller hitter (longer levers, bigger strike zone), then he could be an impact bat.

At this point, I'd probably rate the players on my shadow draft board as follows:

Hunter Greene - rhp/ss
Brendan McKay - 1b/lhp
Blayne Enlow - rhp
Brendon Little - lhp
Mark Vientos - ss/3b
Logan Warmoth - ss
Trevor Rogers - lhp
Austin Bush - 1b

This is a draft the Reds need to get right. Their rebuild doesn't have the type of certainty and upside that other rebuilding teams have. The organization reeled in Nick Senzel last year and selecting a true impact talent in this draft would add more upside at the top end of the farm system.

Ideally, there would be polished college hitters at positions other than first base available to the Reds at 1.2, but that's just not the kind of draft this is, so Hunter Greene is the best option.

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