Friday, July 25, 2008

Alex Buchholz Suffers a Broken Wrist

Reds sixth round draft pick Alex Buchholz was off to a white hot start in rookie ball with the Billings Mustangs of the Pioneer League. Buchholz, a middle infielder from the University of Delaware, has posted a stellar line of .366/.453/.610/1.062 with an 18/11 K/BB ratio.

Buchholz's bat is his calling card, while his glove lags a bit behind. Still, the former Blue Hen has been fantastic thus far and it's disappointing to see him suffer the injury. Even so, it won't hinder his development in any appreciable way.

Mike Scherting reports the following on Buchholz:

2B Alex Buchholz is out three to four weeks after getting hit in the left hand during Friday night’s 14-7 win over the Ogden Raptors. Buchholz was told he fractured a bone in his hand — “a boxer’s break” — he said and he’ll have another evluation Monday before the Reds decide if he should stay here in Billings or go to Sarasota, Fla., for his rehab.

As for Buchholz, the 6th-round pick from the University of Delaware said this is the first time he’d received a significant injury in his playing career. “This is going to be the longest three to four weeks of my life,” he said.

Buchholz was third in the Pioneer League in batting (.366) and he was tied for the team high in RBIs with Tony Brown at 20. The injury means Jose Gualdron will see more time at second base.

“Unfortunately, that’s part of the business,” Garcia said of the injuries. “It always seems to happen to good guys or guys having good years, and that’s both case. Kyle’s isn’t as (serious) and hopefully he’ll be back in a couple days. Alex will be gone for a while.”

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