Monday, November 17, 2008

Video: Kyle Lotzkar Pitching in 2007

Here's a clip of Reds pitching prospect Kyle Lotzkar from 2007. It's a short clip, but I think it actually reveals a number of interesting things about Lotzkar.

First, you can see what got him drafted so high. He has the long and lean body type that major league organizations often favor in pitchers. His height allows him to throw on a downward plane and he has a loose delivery. However, you can also see how he raises his pitching arm elbow above his shoulder before bringing the ball up into throwing position. This is the mechanical issue that may increase his risk of an arm injury in the future. Unfortunately, Lotzkar suffered a fractured elbow last year, which is an unusual injury. Hopefully, he can rebound and stay healthy in 2009.

Thanks to ProEthan for posting this clip.

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