Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick Thoughts on the 3/5 ST Game

Another day, another game against the Indians:

**Johnny Cueto looked good. Quick, efficient, fastball heavy appearance.

**Jay Bruce beat the shift with a groundball single through what is normally the shortstop position.

**Trevor Bauer pitched for the Indians. He's one of my favorite MLB pitchers and I believe he's in line for a very good year.

**Donald Lutz played 1b and made a couple of nice scoops. He looks comfortable over there. Lutz is still behind the development curve due to coming late to baseball. Still, he still strikes me as a player who could produce positive value at the MLB level if he can catch up in the development department. He has some athleticism and a nice swing, just needs improvement pitch recognition and plate discipline. Unfortunately, time is against him.

**Jim Day interviewed Billy Hamilton and then did an imitation of his voice, which didn't seem...appropriate. Hamilton continues to impress me. He spent the offseason working out with Delino DeShields and added muscle to his frame. He should be improved this year, maybe by quite a bit. During the first part of the interview, Todd Frazier, wearing sunglasses, was lurking directly behind Hamilton. Frazier looked like a Secret Service agent for Hamilton or maybe just a guy who lacks an appreciation for personal space. The camera cut away to game action and when it cut back to the interview, Frazier was gone. I would guess that it was a bit that never came off, but as it was it seemed a bit strange. Or, maybe Tyler Durden sliced a single frame of Todd Frazier into the telecast.

**Aroldis was know what that means.

**I got my first look at Aristides Aquino. I now get the hype. He just looks like an explosive/electric type talent in the batter's box. There's a long development road ahead of him and lots of possible wrong turns on that journey, but he could be an impact talent.

**Burke Badenhop was awful. Fortunately, it doesn't count.

**Jimmy Pickens made a very weak throw from leftfield. The throwing motion was just as weak.

**I like Bradley Zimmer for the Tribe. I can see why he was a first round pick.

**Michael Lorenzen was dealing. Heavy fastball. Nasty curveball. Brilliant behind the back defensive play to showcase his athleticism. Granted, he was facing minor leaguers, but when he's rolling it seems like gravity, destiny, or some other force is on his side. Still, it's somewhat surprising that his repertoire doesn't generate more strikeouts. Thom and Chris were talking about Lorenzen pitching in the majors this year, but I wouldn't mind letting him work a full season in the minors. It still feels like there are a few small adjustments to be made if he's going to be a starter at the MLB level.

**It seems odd that a functional southpaw like Jose Mijares bounces around the league as much as he does. There have been some rumblings about character questions, but he might prove to be a valuable member of the Reds bullpen in 2015.

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