Wednesday, October 3, 2007

News on the Manager Search

With the 2007 season in the rearview mirror, it's time for the Reds to bring looking towards 2008. In that spirit, Wayne Krivsky announced that the Reds would begin their search for a manager in earnest. The Reds will be looking at candidates from outside the organization, as well as interim manager Pete Mackanin. That said, it's difficult to envision Mackanin being retained as manager for 2008 and beyond. One would think that if that was going to happen, it would have happened before now.

"Pete is a candidate. He's definitely a candidate," Krivsky said. "People ask me about timetables and there isn't one. I'd rather get something done sooner than later. The sooner we know, it takes the uncertainty out of people's minds that are here."

The other 3 interim managers in the majors in 2007 (Cecil Cooper, John McLaren, and Dave Trembly), all had their interim tags removed already, so it's difficult to imagine the Reds giving Mackanin serious consideration at this point. The Reds desire to go outside the organization would seem to provide substantial evidence that they do not view Mackanin as a viable long-term option.

Given the Reds instability at the manager spot over the past decade or two, the Reds seem to be handling the situation wisely. To take the next step, the Reds need to continue to fill each spot in the organization with a quality option. Adding a top notch manager to the mix could bring the Reds much needed stability.

Since the Reds replaced Pete Rose in 1989, the Reds have gone through nine different managers and actually had three different managers in 2003. Over that time, not one manager has lasted at least four seasons and Ray Knight actually had two stints at the helm.

It's obvious that the Reds recognize the importance of getting it right this time, so expanding the search to outside candidates is a very good sign. To take a step forward, the Reds need to continue adding pieces to the puzzle. Adding a top flight manager would be a big piece.


  1. The Reds should hire D-Bake! Or Felipe Alou! Or Ken "Bad Communicator" Macha!

  2. Well, I'm detecting some sarcasm there, Mike. :)

    Dusty Baker is one of the worst managers when it comes to handling young pitchers (see: Prior, Mark and Wood, Kerry). He's about the last guy I want in charge of Homer Bailey's workload.

    As for Felipe Alou, he's 206 years old and Macha is, as you mentioned, a poor communicator.

    Personally, I'd still like to see them consider Wally Backman or Tom Kelly. Backman is an effective tactical manager and earns the respect of his players. I think he got a raw deal from the D-Backs. Tom Kelly could be just the manager to improve the fundamentals and the defense on this team.

    Regardless, it'll be interesting to see how they go about the hiring process. The candidates they consider will reveal a lot about the organization.

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  4. Still wish we would've picked Backman or Kelly over Dusty? After reading your old articles, I've officially decided to ignore every new article you have because you suck at predictions.