Saturday, February 9, 2008

Getting To Know Adam Rosales....Or, At Least His Swing

Here's a quick look at Adam Rosales at the plate.

Thanks to "farmsystem" on youtube for posting the video clip.

It's hard to argue with Adam's success as of late, but his MLB career still seems like to hinge on whether he can move back up the defensive spectrum to a more challenging defensive position. His bat is good for a middle infielder, solid for a third baseman, but below average for a first baseman.

If Rosales is over the elbow problems that precipitated his move from shortstop all the way down to first base, then maybe he can move to a defensive position where his bat will be more valuable. It'll be very interesting to see how the farm system shakes out, as the Reds are collecting a significant number of prospects who play the corner positions, so something will have to give. The 2008 season will reveal much about how things will shake out.

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