Thursday, February 28, 2008

Joey Gathright Goes Car Jumping

I've always heard about Joey Gathright's great speed and natural athletic ability. However, I've never seen the Urban Legend about Gathright. It's been rumored that he can jump over cars. Well, I stumbled across this video from mdillon23 and now we know the Legend is true. See for yourself.

The Reds are always in need of a leadoff hitter and Gathright might fit the bill rather well in the future.


  1. It wasn't so long ago that Gathright was considered one of the top prospects in baseball. The Royals don't seem to have any idea what to do with him... although the Reds already have too many outfielders.

  2. Good point, Gathright isn't far removed from prospect status. Personally, I was surprised to see the Royals sign Jose Guillen, of whom I've never been a fan, which pretty much blocks Gathright from any significant playing time. They've got a likely outfield of Teahen/DeJesus/Guillen. So, Gathright does seem like the odd man out, despite having a pretty solid year in 2007.

    That's part of why I mentioned him at all, as he could be a good fit for the Reds. After the 2008 season, the Reds could be without both Dunn and Griffey, so things could be opening up in the outfield. The Reds have long needed a leadoff hitter and Gathright in center *could* be an option.